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    Hi Everybody, Craeven here.I recently became obsessed with building a motorized bike.It is so great to see a website and community doing it already.There are some fabulous ones being made.I am originally from New Zealand but live now in Holland.Anyone from Holland?Anyway.At present I ride a Puch but hope to put a Honda industrial motor in a bike frame.So.I already have ideas about what I want and what parts I want to use.I imagine that all the parts probably wont fit together without some bits being fiddled with.So.Anyway.You can see me on my website www.craeven.eu. I have been making medieval jewellery as you can see.Its a lousy website but I can't rebuild it atpresent because the hard disk broke and I lost the software to change the website with.Now I am going to read the website.Ciao.

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    Hi Craeven. Glad you found us. I don't know of any members in Holland. But maybe there's someone.

    I'm half Dutch, half Irish. I identify with the Dutch side of me in particular. There's a few reasons, but one of the biggies is that you seem to have a much more bicycle friendly society than we do. And sometimes I daydream about claiming citzenship (I might just barely qualify) and going there and joining up. So tempting.

    They have a reputation for tolerance. (Another attractive point) But putting up with a yankee with no money might be asking a bit too much :)

    Oh well... go ahead and read, read, read and then build yourself a bike and I'm sure you won't be sorry.

    See you around.
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    Welcome! We've heard a lot about how great it is to bike in Holland. How are the winters?
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    hello,Holland is probably bicycle heaven.There is a country wide network of seperated paths (seperated and running alongside the traffic lanes) so it is great for cyclists.I bicycle if I have to , but- why bicycle if you can have a motor something. I got to motorized bikes through vintage bikes.I used to have AJS's and Velocette singles.But motorized bikes are great.They have the appearance sometimes of a vintage,but also I like the gas mileage ,the simplicity and the hopefully the ease of owner maintainence.What I hope to build is a beachcruiser frame with a Honda GX35 engine ,no pedals,no jack shaft and just a centrifugal clutch.In the style of a vintage.The biggest challenge will be to get it road legal.I mean everything forbidden is "legal"- tolerated- here, but if you want to paint your house a different colour from the neighbours ,it is forbidden and you will be forced to restore it to the same as the neighbours and also you can't just stick a motor on a bike and go - which does **** me off.But it is a good country. Anyway. Also I want to get about 150mpg- is that probable.There are 2 classes of light motorcycles 1 has a maximum speed of 25 kph (no helmet req'd,ride on the bike lanes)and the other has a max speed of 45 kph(helmet ,ride mostly on the road).Well,thats me for tonight ,Craeven
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    Welcome to the site.