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    Hello, my name is Sérgio and i live in the south of europe - portugal.

    I ride a regular MTB in the weekends, mostly in my vacations and day off.
    I love the cruiser bike style, mostly the schwin anf felt designs, but i can't get any of those in this dam country where the wave of bikers and bike stores is 4 digit $$$$ MTB's and extra $$$ 4 riding off a few grams - dam they arent even pros, they ride it just in the weekends???!!!

    The motored scene is very cool and i always see in this great forum inspired and talented people sharing ideas and dreams.

    After several months studying electric/gas designs, i wanna start my 2-stroke motored cruiser project and i hope u guy's (and girls too!) have the patiente to help me in this project.

    posted here my inspiration bicycles, gathered just by surfing the web, hope u enjoy too!

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    I can see the inspiration. Welcome aboard. You'll find lots of good people ready to lend assistance here.
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    Welcome Sergio, you'll find a great resource of info in the discussions already archived here by many of the pioneers.