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    I'm new here and would like to introduce myself.
    My name is Dave and I am 48 years old, I live in Northwest Montana and I have built a motorized bike back in 2000 using the 49CC 2 stroke engine on a 1939 Hiawatha frame.
    Neat bike but motorized bikes kind of died off in popularity for a couple of years and the forum I was on at that time kind of fizzled out.
    I was glad to find this one is so active and that there is still interest in Motorized bicycles.
    I spent half the night last night browsing here before making a post and all I can say is WOW!
    There's some great bikes and great ideas here.
    I will have more than a few questions as time goes on.
    My current project involves using a restored 1943 Lawson 2 HP horizontal shaft motor I am putting on an old Schwinn that has a Monarch Springer on it.
    I've seen some interesting set ups here and got all excited when I saw the push trailers some have made here.
    That REALLY got the wheels in my head turning.
    I have an Idea already formed about making a small cargo trailer with a concealed motor but also leaving some cargo space for 3 or 4 bags of groceries.
    I was just beside myself thinking what a good idea a pusher trailer was and why I had never thought of it or even heard of one before.
    OK, I'm rambling.
    I just wanted to say hi and hope you don't mind a few questions here and there.
    I've built one before and am not exactly new to it.
    I have a nice shop with MiG and torches and machining capabilities but I will certainly need some technical suggestions from time to time.
    I really plan on making more of these as a hobby so I will have a lot of projects coming up.
    Anyway, Did I mention I am long winded? Sorry about that.
    Just hello everyone
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    Hello. Welcome to the site. Have any pictures of your engine ?
    These motored bikes are a fun to build and to ride.
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    Glad you found us.

    It sounds like you were riding when the idea was just a gleam-in-the-eye for the rest of us.

    And I sure wouldn't mind seeing a photo of the Hiawatha.