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  1. artik

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    I have been searching all around for a answer that pertains to my problem but no luck. I have a 2 stroke engine which i purchased from bikemotorkit.com. The problem is, i can start but the engine just guns it and the only way i can stop is to put my feet down and pray.

    When i turn the throttle, the cable will pick up the needle and releases. The throttle has no effect whatsoever on the engine and the only way i stop is by pulling out the sparkplug or wires. My throttle cable seems to work but i've even tried pushing the needle all the way in and starting and no luck. I've tried turning in the idle screw all the way and the thing still flys.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Is the brass slide barrel inserted properly?

    If it's in the wrong way it's held in a "mostly open" position.

    That could account for your trouble.

    Good luck.
  3. artik

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    I haven't opened the carb. It ran fine this morning with the carb tilted the other way, I turned it because it was leaking gas. Its now on the side with the button on the high side. Is it possible this brass bar has been messed up? If so how can i fix it?

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  4. Junster

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    Try unscrewing the top of the carb where the cable goes in. The barrel slide in there has a slot down the side it has to line up in the carb. Make sure you can slide it up and down before you screw the top back on and check for air leaks at the carb mount and where it attaches to the engine.
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    Is your carb upside down?. Carb bowl should be down and the throttle cable coming off the top side. Also, there is a idle screw on the side of the carb.
  6. artik

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    got it last night, i took apart the carb and the problem was that the idle screw was blocking the column from covering the air intake.