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    I've justed created the necessary steps to become a new member with motoredbikes.com, and just wanted to say hello, and that I'm glad I came across y'alls website. I just recently purchase my first motorized bike kit from gasbikes.com. I've been wanting to build a motorized bike for sometime now, and I look forward to doing so. So I appreciate all of the ideas and ingenuity that each and everyone of you have in regard to your own project bikes. I hope to learn more from you all, so again, I appreciate the opportunity to learn more from you all in the near future.


    Eugene, Oregon

  2. Pablo

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    Hey Tom - welcome!!

    Make sure you go into user CP and set your location - so I will know you are a local :jester: Seriously people need to do this.

    So get that engine on, fire that bugger up!
  3. ENO

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    Hey Tom..Welcome..ENO (Down Under)..This is a great site for info and problem solving..SEARCH..its all there...Nearly 20,000 members..good luck