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    hi, im aaron, im 15 years old from santa rosa california. im looking for some help from you experienced guys, i took the robin eho35 off my gas scooter and ive decided that i would like to buy a friction drive kit to mount it on my bike.

    thanks everybody!

  2. HybriDude

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    Gday rcfighterpilot. What's wrong with the robin? and why do want a friction drive to gobble up your tires?
  3. rcfighterpilot

    rcfighterpilot New Member

  4. HybriDude

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    Yep - Gotcha drift.

    Those guys on the other thread will give you good advice. I know nothing about the Robin but people swear by them.

    The good thing about a common HT is that you pedal start it. I suspect that the tire-roller transmission is for low power applications, but I don't know. A couple of years ago when I was looking, I thought 'wet roads, greasy tires' - the friction thing could be problematical
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    yea, i heard that water was a problem, but i probably wont ride it when it is raining, i hate getting splattered from the tires. i only weigh about 120lbs so it should be sufficient power for me. if you go anything above 50cc dont you need a license or something?
  6. HybriDude

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    Looks like you've thought about the main issues rcfighterpilot.

    I hope it goes well.

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