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    Hi my name is Mario, I am from Ohio. I'm building a "80cc" bike for my little brother currently, this is my first install and its not quite done.

    I've searched the forums over the last few days on help, and I am having an issue that I see is touched on, but I'm not fully understanding the solution.

    On this engine I am mounting to the bike, I can't get the rear wheel to spin now. The engine is "locked" I tried moving the "Clutch Bar" on top of the housing that hides the little 10tooth sprocket that drives the rear wheel. I see the little pin inside their, and I tried pushing it in, but I can't do that by hand, no by turning the handle of the clutch TOWARDS the FRONT of the Bike.

    Can somebody help me with this?

    Also I see the chain tensioner in the box, but does it mount on the bottom rail by the rear wheel, or the one going vertically at a diagnol which reaches the seat?



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    Hey Mario,

    A lot of the experts don't check the intro section, basically its a spot where we can make sure you aren't a spambot or google spider....

    Copy your problem, and start a new thread down in the frame-mount section of the forum, and if you add info on the type of bike you are using, it might help on your tensioner question.

    Have some Good riding !!
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    Welcome aboard.

    Rather than give you my two cents on your question, I'll step aside and let you follow bamabikeguy's advice.