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    HootnWooz here. I'm Hoot. My wife is Wooz. Haven't done much wrenching in the past but that may change. I've built boats and houses though. New to forums, I'm looking at motorizing a bike to commute with, since 25 miles one way takes longer than I like. Joined here for pre-build info -- what to buy or avoid. Wooz suggests a motorcycle, but I think she's just after the life insurance. I'm especially interested in Alaskavan's tadpole trike, as I have an old Terratrike that could be a 3 or 4 season ride. Pleased to meet you all. Peace, Hoot

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    Hey Hoot, welcome to MBc. Take a look around and see if this is what you want.
    Funny line about the insurance but she may be right on the MC, 50 mi. r/t is a heck of a ride.
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    Hey Hoot, Anything less than a full suspension, rack mounted, belt drive deal would be hard on your body. A 25 mile trip would really tax all of your abilities and skill, not to mention all those cars out there that have no regard for a guy on a souped up bicycle. There not the mainstream way of getting around unless you live in southern Arizona. The average driver will see you as a mere cyclist, doing no more than 5 to 10 mph. Like Happy Valley said I would opt for the motorcycle.
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    Glad to be here. Before tackling the trike, I'm going to try building a bike from an old Specialized Crossroads cromoly frame to learn the basics first. Peace, Hoot [Nothing is foolproof...for the sufficiently talented fool]
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    And thanks for the input, guys. I kinda figured that without at least good front fork 25 mi at 25 mph might be a little rough. But not because of traffic. Right now I leave at 4am to get to the firehouse at 6, on flat roads in corn country. Only the last 5 miles or so sees any traffic, and I only have 4 turns. Peak elevation is an overpass. The unexpected benefits of lllinois living. If I can add an extra hour of sleep...