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    Hi, I'm Eric from New Jersey and I'm looking to convert my Jamis Ranger SX. I'd like it to be powered by a gasoline engine. Would it be possible to do this for ~200 dollars? I'm not looking to go super fast at the moment.

    The bike:

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    Yes, it's completely do-able in that price range. Those are 24" wheels, aren't they? Your frame might not be big enough to fit the engine. That would be a pity, because that looks like a good bike for the job.

    Measure from the crank to the top tube. You'll want about 15" for the typical 2-stroke engine to fit.

    Good luck.
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    You have a big advantage being from Jersey, in that your Craigslist entries for reasonably priced used bikes to motorize are probably triply-gooder, compared to us hicks in the sticks.

    And once you "get that grin" every newbie seeks, you might sell that Ranger to one of your friends....
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    Good choice. Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome aboard. I'd do some quick looking arround for measurment specs but some motors vary slightly (factory to factory) in size. Your best bet is to go with a 26" frame without a rear suspension for your first build. That should work tho.
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    The frame is 15.5" according to the manufacturer from the crank to the top tube. The wheels are 26" inches though. Now, what can I do about a drivetrain? I would like to be able to switch between pedaling and motorized easily.
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    your frame looks to be too small to fit an inframe chinese 2 stroke kit and they do not pedal easily with the clutch pulled in
    the kits that pedal easily cost quite a bit more than $200

    at 14 you are under age to use a motorized bike on the public streets not that i give a **** :grin5: but your local cops and parents may
  8. hjjfffaa

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    What, really? That's lame.