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  1. hello
    i was wondering im getting my kit in the mail
    i race quarter midgets and i have all these gears
    and there for #41 chain can i use those gears on the bike if i drill out the holes to line up then u those...but what is this 415 chain stuff on the wesite it looks like alomst #41... :79:

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    Welcome to mbc.

    41 and 415 chain seem to be nearly identical. 41 has a "lower profile", but it'll ride on the same teeth as 415. I'm using 41 as my drive chain on my happy time (and so are many others here) using the stock sprockets.
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    Hey guys...the 415 size is right but if you check out the 415 (S) (S for motor bike grade) it is a stronger and bigger gauge chain with no sideways movement. The pitch is the same and so it fits the HT...only trouble is getting a stock of chain connector links...See ya ENO (Oz)