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    I'm into motorised bicycles. Thanks for looking. Cheers Steve

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    Welcome aboard, Steve.

    I just saw your other post about the fine your friend got. Bummer. I hope it all works out somehow.
  3. ENO

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    Welcome to Mbc

    Hey Steve..Eno in NSW..Welcome to Mbc..Lots of Aussies here..Go to the thread / post "Aussie Roll Call" to find out who is in your area..Has to be Queensland I guess, unless those critters have travelled further into NSW..One Mbc member from the States reckons we are killing "indiginous creatures"..I told him we either play baseball with them or wait till they are fresh roadkill and then take them home for schnitzels...Anyway..when you get your build going post some pics and everyone jumps in with help and expert advice if you run into any mechanical or fine tuning problems..Good Luck and welcome again....See ya... Got to cook dinner..... Eno
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