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    Hello everyone- I'm a 40 year old ME who has been into anything with small engines on it at some point in time. I have built many powered scooters, karts, & bikes over the last 15 years. Some of them worked great, others didn't do so hot. I've tried a lot of approaches- from friction drives with very small weed whacker engines, to a US820. Currently, the bike I ride is a Trek 820 Singletrack with a Honda GXH50 mounted over the rear wheel with a Staton centrifugal clutch Mod and a #25 HD chain drive- an 11 tooth on the clutch drum, and a 125 tooth on the rear wheel with a Staton heavy duty freewheeel hub and a left hand freewheel that I custom modified the sprocket to bolt to the freewheel. The bike works very well- although it did take some effort to tame the lightweight chain with guides and such. I have put many miles on it and had alot of fun- however, I did have a scare where the chain broke, wrapped around the sprocket/hub and locked my back tire up at around 30 mph. I was able to skid to a controlled stop, but it was spooky to say the least. Bent some of the spokes down by the hub and flat-spotted the tire. I am looking to explore some of the gear drive primary alternatives with a heavier chain to a smaller diameter sprocket on the rear wheel that seem to be common on here in an effort to make the set-up a bit more bulletproof.