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    Hello everybody, its Myself!

    hello, im from brazil.
    (i dont know what i really should write here but i will write down my motorized bicycle & me mini-story)
    When i was 16 years old, i was searching something to me to be independent in my transportation because here you only can get a license with fully complete 18 years old :ack2:, so i was searching on the internet and i found a kit to convert your bike in a motorized bicycle!:tt1: thats all i needed so i got it for 300U$D, bought a 150U$D bike with suspension and assembled all by myself, then was only fun i loved it since the first ride i got my independence :helmet: (lol), little problems a long the way and now i think im a expert in maintenance :D,BTW i just have replaced a cylinder gasket that burned and a cilinder ring that i broke acidentally (lolz) :grin5:., that thing is very popular here people a long the way asks me things about it :cool2: the bad thing is that i dont know anyone here that have one :icon_cry: so i have to ride alone :confused:, and i have scars from the first month i rode this thing i just falls of it and injured my self so hard! lol! i had to bought a new bike and assemble the engine on it again cause was a hard impact that broke the bicycle :sweatdrop:. And now here i am introducing me on the motorized bicycle forum! (lolz)
    hope you enjoyed my mini-story :)shout:):jester:.
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    Xan, your are doing pretty good on your english. Welcome to to Motoredbikes. What happened to the frame exactly on the first bike?
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    Front wheel fork got screwed :goofy: and that one was a bicycle without suspension that i had for years so i aint fixed it, i bought an better and thats it :rolleyes7: