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  1. College_Fatness

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    Hello All,

    It's College Fatness from Victoria BC. Attempting my first motorbicycle project. Trying to outfit an Electra Straight 8 beach cruiser with an 80cc motor, and figured you guys were the pros when it comes to advice. I'll have some questions, and maybe someday, some answers for other noobs

    Peace and love

    The Fatness

  2. Ghost0

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    Welcome to the forum. Not too far from you in Bellingham Washington. If you need anything drop me a line.
  3. College_Fatness

    College_Fatness New Member

    Thanks Ghost, just cruising the web for an 80cc Jet Stealth slant head motor...Apparantly they're all sold out on planet Earth these days...
  4. GearNut

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    Welcome to this place!