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    Hello Everyone,

    I have decided to join this site because I found an interesting thread and I had to post this as my first thread.

    Anyway, I'll say that I own a steam powered schwinn typhoon. I bought it back in august, but only taking delivery on it this saturday. I'll probably end up making a thread on it if anyone is interested in more information and I will make a few videos which I plan to post on youtube.

    Robert Hopkins

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    I thought I answered your post already, but maybe not...let me look.
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    and that this system works?
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    I can not actually find what I might have posted, sorry about that, it must have gotten lost in the eather. However, I am quite interested in your steam powered bike build. We have a gal named Jemma from the UK who has done quite a bit of work on steam poswered bikes. I'm sure everyone would be most interested to know about your build and how it came about.