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    Hi, Ive been lurking for the last month on this forum and finally decided to sign in. A little about me, Im an engineer and fabricator. I build Formula race car chassis and was looking at a couple of new pit bikes to get around at the race tracks but wanted something light that I could hang in the trailer so I decided to build a few motorized bicycles just to have something unique. Ive just purhchased a 1954 BF Goodrich Schwinn that I thought might make a neat project so forgive me for any stupid questions as I seem to not always utlize the search button.

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Good luck with your build. You'll find lots of inspiration here and plenty of solid advice.

    Your old Schwinn will bring a touch of class to the the pits. A standout act in a crowd of motorized barstools and ice chests.