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    Just wanted to introduce myself! I did a project with my father on a motorized bike a couple years back. I'm actually looking to move the components to my Schwinn Sting-Ray chopper, and I'm concerned about the rear wheel. Are they any more successful in retaining their sidewall or not going flat than regular tires? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure if your question is about the chain rubbing the tire or punctured tires in general.
    Offset motor mounts prevent the chain rub. You can make them or buy them from one of our vendors on this site or even EBAY.
    There is a menu on this site for posts about tires if you need help with normal punctures.
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    Yeah, it was about the added strain on the tire from the engine. I suspect it won't last much longer if all compared to normal tires. I already have an offset, I'm just having troubles figuring out how to mount the engine without a hub, since the frame is irregular - although it's just begging for an engine. I'm sure I'll figure out a cheap/free alternative.