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    Hello everyone! I'm Anthony Buycks (said like bikes) living in Gallatin, Tennessee. I've had my motor on my bike for about a month now. Maybe longer. I loose track of time riding it everywhere.

    My bike specs are as follows:

    Bike Body: Mongoose XR-15 full suspension Mountain Bike
    Tires: Front Misc. Cheapos. Rear Michelin Diabolo. Both are 24"
    Seat: A big comfortable Schwinn seat.
    Handle bar: It came off my NEXT BMX bike ( I didn't like how low the mountain bike handle bars were).
    Engine: Honda GX35
    Kit: Dax Friction Drive (thinking of changing to chain or belt drive next year).
    Lights: Bell Tail Light, Trek head light.
    Helmet: AFX Motorcycle helmet.
    Speed: 28-32 Uphill, 35-40 Flat, 42-48 downhill.

    My goals are to get bigger tires for more speed, to find a mod for my carburetor so I can add more fuel and a mod for my air intake for more air, and to learn more about engine maintenance. :grin5:

    Here is a video of me riding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaQ6fPNRBaU&playnext=1&videos=IGpsg03Yr-o&feature=mfu_in_order
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    Welcome Anthony.

    Nice ride from what you've described, and a good starter motorized bike. I started out with friction drive and 1.6hp Subaru engine, similar to your Honda engine.
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    Thank you. =D

    I've seen your video's on youtube. Very impressive! Thanks for the welcoming.