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    i have a bike motor kit i put on a crusier style bike i guess i like it i cant pedal it though i half to push start it till i get the wider pedal crank it hits on both sides of the engine and i also wanna get the rope start as well i ve heard good and bad things about thses kits so im trying for myself what it does it is a pretty fast motor for a older bike considering i dont have brakes i had to take off the coaster brake lever off just to get the sprocket to go on i guess im gonna put clamp brakes on it as soon as i find some i would love to take it on a trip i had a bad throttle on there but since got it replaced now works a whole lot better i know it is legal in my state but i dont know if these idiot cops know it or not im just very carefull about riding to much i've already had some young punk kids trying to snatch it im 37 yrs old and yes i love stuff like this :tt1:

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    I just noticed that nobody gave you a welcome to the MBc. Please, get some brakes on that thing, and leave that coaster brake off! I have nothing but disdain for coaster breaks...ever since I saw poor Jerry Kingsly lock up his 'coaster break' and go 'A** H*** over applecart' while his motor bike pinwheeled down the ravine, crashing thru the underbrush and small trees til it came to rest some 60 feet below, spontaneously bursting into flames, and just smolder out. Coaster brakes are not a good investment...Get some sort of clampers if you can't afford disks. Good Luck!
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    welcome to mbc. i use coaster brakes only as a back up to another form of braking.