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    Hi everyone! :bowdown: Just built a motorised bike about 6 weeks ago going good. Grubee Skyhawk 49cc on an ancient roadmaster frame (looking for something better. Probably a cruiser with front suspension and add some disc brakes when i can).Not sure whether to go back/pedal brake or not?? Done hundreds of kilometres now and find riding on the beach a bit quicker and safer than the road (although sometimes not as exciting).Just gotta give it a good hose off and not give a s**t about ya frame lol. Seen the section on here about siliconing the base of where the wires come out .:idea: Great Idea! I've made sure to coat the inside of the fuel tank with creme which is a good idea will also be getting a fuel filter and better fuel hose. When I mounted the engine had 2 sit it a little taller to have it level this meant I had to bend the xhaust to fit. :hammer:The only mistake I have made so far is getting a wireless speedo (the coil throws to much spark).:beatdeadhorse5: Just installed a wired one and works fine now:grin5: :scooter::guitarist:

    CHECK OUT THE RUST LOL:eek:sama:

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    Nice - I like realistic bikes - looks a lot like my own! The JD emblem is the cherry on top.

    I haven't for personal comfort reasons done an internal coaster brake, and other people have posted concerns regarding them.

    Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, I'm looking forward to hearing some of your insight and advice in the threads.

    Welcome to MBc!
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    Dood, that ain't rust....that's patina. :grin5: Most of my stuff has way more patina than yours anyway.

    Anyway....welcome to the asylum. :cool2:
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    Welcome to the group and I'm glad to hear that it wasn't just my wireless speedo that didn't like the rogue RF being emitted by the ignition system.

    Cheers BJ
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    I've actually heard of some wired speedometers having inconsistencies which gets blamed on the magneto messing with the magnet. But it seems to be hit or miss, and also some are comparing to driveby car speeds and others GPS.
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    Hi mate,
    go the rustmaster! ..oops ...i meant roadmaster!

    ...mines finally ready today! ...we will have to go for a run up the coast soon.
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    I'm always jazzed to see that someone might have learned something from me, maybe I should have been a teacher:dunce:

    I'm sure you learned(all by yourself) to check the bolts constantly, especially those you know will back out. Biggest problem I'm having is with the back motor mount bolts. That goes back to bike choice. Let's just say I won't be building a Mongoose Paver next time:rolleyes7:
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    Hi Dave,
    yes yes, went for my first ride yesterday,for about 15-20 mins.
    got back and went over the tightening bolt /check process. wow they do work themselves a little loose!, im thinking i should of went with the thread locktight
    from the begining, awell its never too late. :)
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    Bought a new Bike!

    I bought a new bike cause it was cheap and looked good. Turns out its (someone please tell me if its not)a schwinn stingray in good condition (6 months old)! It will be a few weeks till its delivered and probably a few more weeks till I get my engine on it (49cc Grubee Skyhawk or is it 48cc?). It will be good to get rid of the old rustbucket it has served me well and I will still need it for a while yet. I like to travel on the beach and hope I still can with the chopper. I will update photos as I build. Hope to get some good step by step shots. Would appreciate any advice at all especially on how to mount the engine.
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  10. DuctTapedGoat

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    That is a Schwinn OCC Stingray, I can tell by the frame and seat. Good find! Random fact - Big Lots! (a store at least up here in the northwest that gets defective merchandise) had those very bikes for 60 bucks less than a year ago. Wish I had money then, I could find the defect and flip my dollar quicker than you'd pick up a 20 dollar bill coming at you in a headwind. It's a pretty common build believe it or not. You lucked out - from what I've heard the WCC bikes are harder to convert than the OCC bikes. There's a few people out here who have the OCC's motored, and even more at that other forum. :detective:
  11. Dave C

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    That is a great bike for conversion. It's high on my list for me:D I don't know if I can, though. Depends on how much of a reach for the bars I have to make...bad shoulders :p

    And you could have got them from Big Lots for $60? Dang, no wonder I see them so cheap on craigslist:rolleyes7:
  12. DuctTapedGoat

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    Standard bicycle bars Dave, you can swap em out with anything, BMX/BMX Cruiser, Mountain Bike, Touring, etc.

    Don't let something like that stop you from doing a sick build!!

    When I get the space to do it, I want to do one. I can only really store 2 bikes at most here, and my WCC bike is my next big project. While I'm going to auto shops today I'm going to look at brackets for hanging my motor.
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    What other forum?