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    new to this all ....any tips, just got a Jessie James W.C.C. bike. want to put a 66cc/80cc into it with out cutting up my ride lol. also would like too know how fast it will go ?

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    Hello, Nate. Welcome to MBc. Jessie James designs some very distinctive and elegant frames. My personal opinion is that they deserve nothing less than a 4-Stroke engine, such as a Subaru, Honda, or even a Hua Sheng...rather than a 2-Stroke China Girl. But, that is only my opinion...I may be wrong. As far as speed goes, that is mostly a function of gearing. Read the Forum Rules and Stickies at the top of this page. They have a mess of information that will help you. Then, read up on the 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Forums. Again, welcome to MBc.
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    Well XnatejX,

    Let me know if you come up with anything - I've had a heck of a time trying to figure something out for my WCC bicycle.

    The largest problems are these - the motor hits the chain/sprocket on the pedal side and the downtube for the seat doesn't go all the way down.

    Basically, I'm going to go with a 48cc slanthead, follow the downtube from the seat to the bottom of the frame, and get a crossmember coming from there and up to the front so as to get the perfect angle for the china mounts.

    Granted, the 4 stroke motor would be nice, there's just not much room to fit near anything in the frame.