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  1. wally

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    New guy from Cape Town South Africa
    61 year old Pensioner since April. Ex lift mechanic (Elevators) Took early retirement therefore Got a bike to go to shops with when no petrol (gas) money for my Suzuki GSX400S Katana retro. Saw the HT engine in Popular Mechanics Bought one and the rest is history.
    Today I ordered the shift kit from Sick Parts :)

  2. PatrickW

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    Sounds like ya got a plan, Wally. Welcome to MBc. I'd suggest you read all that you can, and make use of our search function. We have a multitude of gurus if you really need help. Good Luck on your build, and give us some pics, if you will...Okay?
  3. wally

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    AAh Shucks! Blush :) Thanks. Pics? Just a normal MB which a normal HT..... nothing extraordinary