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    Hello my name is Rick.
    I started my first bike about a month ago (I work afternoons so i only have time to work on it during the weekends) its an occ stingray should be finished this weekend...although I thought the same thing last week....and the week before that :whistling:
    I've gotten alot of info from reading on this site and really like how the threads stay on topic here, my brother told me about another forum but all threads there seem to get off topic very quickly making it hard to find answers you're looking for.
    The vender reviews thread has been very helpful, I always check the review of a website before placing an order.
    I've stolen alot of great ideas from other members here and maybe someday I'll have my own ideas good enough to be stolen by others :jester:

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    Hello there, Rick. Glad to see that you made the right choice and joined us here at MBc. You are quite welcome to take advantage of all we have to share. Have you tried out our search function? If not, please do. Read everything you can. because: First you learn from us, then we learn from you. Good luck, and keep us posted on your build. Oh, we love to see pictures of member's rides.
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    OCC Builds

    Hey Rick, Welcome to M.B.c. I've also built a few of the OCC chopper bikes. The only thing I should warn you about those bikes is that the metal in the frame is a little thin. If you're a big guy like me (6' 230lbs) then you might want to weld some braces in. If you're intrested I'll shoot you a pic of the weak spots. And shoot us a pic of your's. We all like to see new builds.
    Again, Welcome. hope you enjoy your time here.
    Big Red.
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    Re: Occ Builds

    Thanks for the warning Big Red. Although I'm a pretty small guy (5'7 140pounds) but I would be like the pics of the week spots, I appreciate you taking time to offer your advise.
    I'll try to take some pics of the bike after work tonight if its not too dark
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    Schwinn OCC.

    Sorry it took so long getting back to you Rick, It's been a real busy week in my shop. Here's the pic of the spots that cracked on me. But like I said, I'm a big guy for such a small bike. At a buck fourty you should not have the same problems.
    Big Red.
    P.S. And if you're using the stock seat, watch out for the weld where the seat post is welded to the bottom of the seat. A few hard bumps with an adult on it will snap it.

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