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    greetings Cincinnati OH! I have joined in hopes of getting a motorbike together. I already bought the kit (Skyhawk 66/80cc) but was wondering if I bought the Gt1/Gt2 frame, can I put the parts of a 24" to fill in the gaps. I assume a 26" bicycle can fit a 24" wheel right? Here's the bicycle in question http://bit.ly/QwXNJ4 from Walmart.

    Or how much would it be to fully build the bicycle.

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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm not sure I understand just what you're asking. Do you mean that you want to use the wheels from that bike on a larger frame that you already have? But it doesn't really matter, anyway. You could find a way to do it, but it wouldn't be worth your while.

    And I don't think that you could install your engine on the bike that you linked to. You might, might just barely shoe-horn it in. But I doubt it. That frame looks too small.

    Here's one alternative; the Huffy Cranbrook. Available at Wal-Mart for the very same price. $88.00. A tough, stout bike very well-suited to this task.

    Here's one other piece of advice. Start reading this forum and then keep on reading. A lot. Just click on any headline that looks interesting and read until you decide to look for another. You'll learn all sorts of stuff you'll need to know.
    You'll be warned off of mistakes that many of us made simply because we weren't familiar with the motors. You'll learn answers to questions that you don't even know you have yet.

    You'll have fun doing it and you'll feel a lot more confident when you start riding your bike.