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    hello everyone im new to the forum. names qtrmle. bike is a wally speciel. kit is a no name 66cc. I've had it for 10 months. I have 7230 miles on it. never been rebuilt. Im not nice to it. I ride it like I stole it. O it also has nitrous. I have ran 110 bottles through it. It will run 38 mph on the engine and 47 mph on the spray. My goal is to run over 50 mph.

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    You'll enjoy it here. I'm a new boy here, learning what works and what doesn't before I commit to a particular type of MB.

    I'm wondering though, how rich is your carb for a 2 stroke to take regular nitrous?
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    Hello ludwig, I have a basic carb and from what it looks like its the cheapest one you can buy on ebay. The needle was set from the factory second step down on the needle that seats inside the carb. When I stepped it down to the third the bike ran like ****. When I stepped up to the first I got a bad plug reading. The bike ran ok however with the reading I got off the spark plug it look like the piston started to show up on the plug. So the second step down seems to best for now. this weekend I am going to borrow my cousin carb. It came with his grubee. The carb is like a 2 barrel carb of some type. Will see if it gets me extra umff I need to hit 50 mph