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  1. Reaper MotorSports

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    I have been poking around now for some time and decided to register.
    I love two stroke motors. I am into the Goped scooter scene right now (Same concept except using a scooter instead of a bike) and want to get a 2 stroke motor bike really bad.
    Im a machinist also make all types of stuff for my scooters. Im hoping to do the same once I get my bike. I already see a bunch of performance parts I can build right now.
    Here is my latest project. Its a G62 Zenoah motor reeded with a 20MM walbro carb piped with a custom aluminum headkit by TS. Running a 15.1 compression ration 105 octane stuffed caeses .023 squish. Ported running a 5th boost port On my Evo2x custom Avid BB7 brakes. I did all the work and machined some parts. I build allot of timing pulleys lighten flywheels


  2. Anton

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    I hope you have good protective gear! Are these scooters for racing or on the streets?
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you will be building a real screamer of a motorbike.
  4. Reaper MotorSports

    Reaper MotorSports New Member

    Ya its for the street, street legal in most states .
    What motor options do you guys have. I just cant justify using a china motor When there are so many options out there.