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  1. TomTom

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    I am a new member, presently have a HT on a bike. Got approx. 250 miles on it before it required major tindering which I have not done. I really hope to learn here how to make a HT a reliable, consistant performing engine. I had a 2 stroke MC many years ago and it ran and ran and ran with NO maintenance. Peace

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    Welcome you can learn a lot by just searching and reading post here
  3. TomTom

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    Thanks, I have been. I have a HT right now..... not running very well, have to run the choke almost fully engaged to run it. Have not had time to see what the problem is. Pretty sure that I will purchase a HS and an EZ matic for my 2nd bike for better reliability.
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    Welcome to the forum. Hang in there and your motorbike will keep running great.
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  5. TomTom

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    I am thinking that haveing the cylinder "matched ported" and a new intake and exhaust would be a step in the right direction. Thoughts?
  6. BchCruizer

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    Ya thats a usual story with those ht's. Be better off spending the extra 100 bucks on a friction kit. Theres alot of helpful post on here. look around im sure you will find something helpful. I personally have a 2stroke friction kit and I have over 5,000miles and have not one time been left stranded. Very low maintenance.

    If you have to run it with the choke almost all the way on your not getting enough fuel. Try cleaning your carb or adjust it and give it more fuel. Probally got some dirt in there.
  7. TomTom

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    thank you, from reading much it appears that many of the folks that use the friction drives are very happy. I am currently think very seriously about spending $$$$ and get a engine / trans from EZ M qmatic. But for the first time am beginning to consider the rear friction drive. Seems about the same $$$$ or less and the FD less headache "installing". I tend to lean 4 stroke though.. any thoughts re: fd, 4 vs 2 stroke?

    Happy Holidays right back to you!
  8. BchCruizer

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    I would go with a 2stroke friction drive. They are made to run at higher rpms and just made to perform better. I personally ride the bumblebeebolton. They are just as reliable as all the kits and there half the price. There are several kits out there.statton tanaka, robin.. Google friction drive kits. It will show you your options. I would go with a rear wheel 2 stroke kit. I recommend using a urethane drive wheel also they work fantasticly! Theres many options out there good luck!
  9. TomTom

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    U the man! Thanks for the info.... was not thinking.... 2 stroke definetly higher rpm which would be critical for a rear wheel FD.