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    HI! Im Jonathan. I work for EZ Motorbike, and I LOVE MY JOB! I work directly with Quenton building drives, working on prototypes, and I get to ride All sorts of bikes! Whizzers, EZ motorbikes, Custom dragsters. Not to Mention testing all the new prototypes EZM is working on! Ill be showing you all the prototypes, new drives, and "secrets" EZM is hiding. Ill be your "spy" on the inside..... Quenton said it was okay HAHA. I can't wait to show off some of my builds, and show all the cool stuff we're building! Keep Checking in for updates and awesome builds! Thanks for reading everyone!!

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    Hello Joh, I realy enjoyed meeting you and Lee today. Thank for your time today answering my questions & just plain ole visiting. If you are interested in becoming an "exterminator" let me know..... they are using a capsulated time released type product that I am in the process of nailing down the best product for applying. I will be working on my bike some tomorow and will share pics. soon. Thank you again.... you and lee are very knoledgeable re the subject of motor bicycling!!!!
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    hey Jon, turns out I am going to need some of those bicycle pedal "extenders" like Lee has on his red and black bike. Ideas where I can get some good ones along with tires and tubes?

    Hope you doing well.