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    This is my 3rd attempt at saying hello. (of course I didn't use any links or what I thought were controversial words). Anyways, after 30 years since owning a bicycle, I recently ordered a new mountain bike (had lots of great reviews) at what I thought was a great price. Also, ordered a bunch of accessories that have now cost more than the actual bicycle.

    Then, I came across videos of the belt driven engine mount kit and resisted at first. However, after finding myself getting more interested I decided to just do it- life's too short. So, I ordered the kit with their heavy rear wheel and separately a 2-stroke engine. I had trouble deciding between the quieter 4-stroke engine.

    After searching for info on how to make the 2-stroke quieter, I found this website. It looks like there's lots of helpful information here and I'm happy to have found this site.

    I should have everything and put together in another week or so. I did find muffler silencer products for my 2-stroke and will likely need to go that route.

    So far I'm really having fun with all of this.

    (3rd times a charm posting this, I omitted the brand/model name of the engine I ordered and manufacturer name of the engine belt drive kit)

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    welcome . and you are going to have a lot of fun.
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    You'll soon find with these bikes you get what you're willing to pay for.
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    Welcome to the original forum from another Southern Californian. :)

    Gotta be a Golden Eagle Bicycle Engine kit or GEBE.

    Give them a plug as a made in the USA kit!

    We used to have 3 Honda GX 35 cc GEBE's race at the track but haven't seen them for a while.

    Strotter where did you go?
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    Thanks all. That is correct! It is the GEBE (Michigan, USA) and that was a pleasant purchase experience. They were nice to put the drive ring onto the heavy rear wheel I also ordered to help get me started. The engine is a Tanaka PF-4000 (2 stroke). Having no experience, I had a tough time choosing between Honda GX35, Robin Subaru & even the Tanaka 32.

    Anyways, at approaching 3 weeks, I may have a record for receiving a kit and not being able to try it yet.

    I'm still waiting to finish the new wheel! Vendor sat on my 7-speed cassette order and took 2 weeks to get it to me. Then, I realized I need a spacer, spoke guard & cassette tool that can work with this protruding axle bolt.

    Also, did some internet searching and ordered a muffler silencer kit (packed muffler, silicon tubing, chrome silencer) and hopes that can quash some engine noise. Hope they don't sit on my order also.

    The mountain bike is fun to ride by itself though. It's a Diamondback Response 26" hardtail. Since I'm mostly on paved roads, I decided to order some street tires. This should really improve the riding experience.

    With motorized kits, do you guys use something more than just bicycle helmets? How about safety attire? I occasionally spot an electric bike buzzing down the road here and the rider (morning commute to school or work) has a full face helmet and what looks like BMX racing armor on. Not sure how much that would help if hit by a driver though... although, it probably couldn't hurt.