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    My name is Art, I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, and because we're in the middle of winter right now, I'm not riding my bike.
    l became interested in motorized bikes early last spring, when two of my friends were building theirs.
    My advise for anyone that ever sees one of these things is to walk away - just walk away, because if you ever throw your leg over one, you'll never be able to wipe the stupid grin off your face.
    Anyway, I've wasted most of my time since building my "AR Special. I've included three pictures of the results so far. They were taken just before Christmas, - - I don't know where the reindeer came from.
    This looks like a really nice forum, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.

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    Looks like someone has it,... BAD! I don't know which is prettier, the bike or the scenery.
    This place is a wonderful encylopedia, have fun.
    Don't let that reindeer chew on your lines.
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    Great lookin motorbike. I believe Gene Simmon's (from KISS) wife is from Saskatoon.