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    I have had my bike for about a year now. love it. also have some Ebikes. but the gas is much more enjoyable. love the 2stroke.. lol , but anyways my bike is somewhat modded and im always looking for ways to improve on things.

    next thing i think i plan to do is port the exhaust port. I have installed a somewhat custom exspantion chamer and dual silencer tip from a pocket bike and this has been a great improvment over the stock one it came with. however i think it
    still needs a little more.

    I have been playing with the jetting latley tring to tune it in nice. it's almost there but im still missing something at WOT.
    i was thinking it's still running lean so i drilled out my main jet. probley way to much, but it's all good. this thing is going to get enough full to run a 800cc.. lol. if not ill get out the solder and try something else. im looking to get this thing to do 60mph. im sure it's capable. was thinking to increase compression just alittle.

    but anyways look forward to chatting with everyone and sharing stories..

    This pic is a pic of my bike before the new exhaust.
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    Welcome to the forum. I bet the trailer comes in handy.
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    60 mph, yeah you can do that easy if you have enough fairy dust
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    Take it up to Pikes Peak, you should be able to hit 60 coasting, on the way down!
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    what's top speeds others are getting? I would think these things should be able to get up there. right now im very poorly tuned. just install a larger carb so working on that. but right now at 1/4 throttle i easily cruise at 60kmh @ 2700rpm. i read these can reach 5500rpm stock and up to 10,000 well balanced and tuned?

    i will make a video. mabey someone will also be able to suggest were i need to go with the tuning.

    PS. I no longer have that 44T sproket. using 32T. im 124lbs
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    Top speed is broadly variable on these due to the different bikes, motors, weight and size of the riders, altitude and the performance mods. Typically they can achieve speeds in the 30's up to the 50's but once your into the 40's and above your into the rare bike group. Aerodynamic drag becomes your enemy quickly.
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    you have to use every trick in the book, and I do mean EVERY, to get up to even 45mph.
    60kph = 37 mph
    Double check that your speedo is calibrated right.
    I don't believe you are going 37mph at 2700 rpm.
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    my speed

    Well. i will double check my speed. but i alway get comments about how fast ot goes. i drive the hwy daily so traffic is doing about 100kph and it takes them some time to pull away. il will make video today. my bike seems faster than my speedo is yelling me. rpm is a cheap meter from ebay just attaches to plug wire. anyways what would u suggest i use for speed calculation..