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    I've been thinking about making a motorized bicycle for a while now and have decided that I am going to do it. I need to ditch my car because it eats my money.

    I'm looking to build something I can commute to work and school. Something sturdy and comfortable to ride for the 10 mile commute.

    What is a good combination of bike and motor kit?
    I just want to buy a bike from somewhere and slap a motor on it. Any suggestions for bike choice? I know I want something with shocks on it for ride comfort. And what would be the best engine? I don't want to do too much pedaling.

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    G'day man and welcome to MBc.
    Read as much as possible here first,then make a more informed decision from there.Once u have the basics set in your own mind start a thread and ask for peoples comments/suggestions.Millions of choices out there so u gotta narrow it down...2-stroke/4-stroke...frame mount/rear mount/budget,etc.
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    hi kidd...i fixed yer username for you.

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    Thank you augidog.

    I was thinking about a 4 stroke for reliability and longer distance rides, but I'm not too thrilled with rack mount set-ups and was looking for one that was frame mounted, but I don't see any in a kit? I understand that you can't drive 2stroke as long/hard as you can 4stroke, and need to let them rest? Or do I have that backwards?
    As for the bike I was just looking at some cheap cruisers like the Cranbrook or something with a front spring for ride comfort.
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    Welcome Kidd. Any of the motor combinations will be up to a 10 minute commute. I've driven for an hour straight on my 2 stroke china frame mount at a steady 24 mph and it never missed a beat. Its hard to beat the cheapness of the Happy Time motor but they can be ... needy. Read read read and don't be in too much of a rush.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    The exact same reasons I ditched the car for scrap metal and it paid for most part of the kit. The money saved on motor car costs by having a bike with a cheap China motor, when the motor is due for renewal, you'ed have saved enough to have purchased, many.
    Do the numbers and you will see.

    Good Luck !
  8. You really can't go wrong with the 2 strokes. Make sure you well oil it in your gas and run it easy. 15 to 20 is good for any bike.
    I take my 70cc 2 stroke on 60 mile round trips some days. Lubrication is key,and she'll run forever.
    Remember too that this is not a motorcycle but it will feel like one. Motorcycles have those wonderful long cushiony seats. Motoredbikes don't.
    Your gonna want to find the widest most comfortable seat around.
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Gander through the postings. You will get all and more information about making your decision. And welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!