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    Hey all. FNG here. I am diving into the world on motorized bikes. I have been building cars and trucks for years but now am wanting to do something different (and cheaper). My start is a genesis onex 29 inch cruiser bike and a 80cc engine kit. I am looking forward to learning about these cool bike projects. Thanks for letting me in.

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    Use the search option and ask questions when you need help.
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    Don't know about Nebraska, Dude...but anything over 49CC is not legal in most places. Keep in mind, however, that police rarely ever question ANYTHING that has pedals on it. Motorbicycling is great fun. I work with EZMotorbike, and if you ever have any questions or anything we can help with, never hesitate to ask!!

    Rider Randy
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    Hey thanks. From what I've heard the engine is dimensionallly the same as a 49cc externally so I'm not gonna sweat it. Besides the po po around here has better things to do (or not do) than to follow me around. I am building a genesis onex 29er. I think I have the basic install whipped just need to tidy things up a bit.
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    HA sneaky. I like it.
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    It's engraved too so it looks legit.