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    Hey guys, my name is justin
    I just bought a 50cc? motorized bike, from someone who builds them.
    Which I rode fine for the first day.
    I ran out of gas and made a new mixture 20:1
    Tried riding it and now my bike will start but wont accelerate, and when I hold the clutch in while the motor is running, it stops.
    Help please?

  2. ok silly but lets try the basics.

    is the choke off after start.

    if this person who builds them is any good can you not see them and ask them, or better still take it to them.

    there is a post for newbees and getting started

    Tips I've learned from many builds-great newbie read. copy and paste this into the search option. it will direct yuo to the ultimate guide to starting out. if the build has been done then just check that all the nuts have been locktited onto engine. you will understand after reading.

    it was a bible to me when i done first build and still is.

    try it if it does not help you then come back and ask some more questions. by the way were are you???