helmet laws in CO



im annoyed cuz this spring they passed a helmet law that requires persons under 18 to wear a helmet:censored::censored::censored: i cant stand the stupid things they are like an x- tra 5 lbs on your hed they drive me up the wall colorado was 1 of the 2 states without a helmet law o well i m 17 so i dont have to worry about it too long
you will appreciate it if you go down and nail a curb
my son-in-law (azvinnie) just got back from a funeral in chicago for a childhood friend that dumped his bike, and had severe head trama (no helmet):(
i think this belongs in the "laws" section...

but, forget "laws"...always wear a DOT helmet.
i weir a bycicle helmet. they are light and breath and gonna give you some kind of protection