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  1. Bill M

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    Hi I been building bikes for a few years now but I don't use chinees motor kits I prefer techumsey motors and a lot cheaper to build .I do a lot of welding and fan all my tanks.I'm a tool maker and custom painter by trade. I was thinking maybe I could help with some builds on this site or get some advice from out hers as well thank you .hears some of my bikes.

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  2. jaguar

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    interesting but because of the belt and pulleys you can't have pedals which I think are necessary in order to be legal on the road.
  3. Nanonevol

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    That's an interesting drive setup. How does it work??
  4. Bill M

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    well the motors run counter clock wise so I use a set up similar to a pedal drive exsept I use a 5/8 threaded rod. then I use stock bearings and cups .I welded a coaster brake sprocket to a5/8 washer and a 5/8 nut and use a jam nut to lock it in .I made 2 bearing races 1 with 5/8 threaded and one 5/8 reemed hole to hold the bearings in place.then I use a 8 inch pulley to turn it with another jam nut.it sounds complicated but its not.

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