HELP 212 CC Predator Transmission Assembly

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by inspectorcritic, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. I just bought a motorize 212 Predator bike kit and the assholes don't have any assembly instructions for the transmission I need someone to teach me with vids or pics. The motor is huge a junk my 80cc cause it was Shanghai junk did not work when it did it was to weak to pull me up hill. This looks like I have to take my bike pedals off, gee, is this a good sign I don't half to pedal at all? Seen a guy on UTB take em right off put in foot pegs says he can do wheelies at 30 miles an hour. So no instruction and I called the company ask for manufacture of the transmission said there no way we can know that, imagine that your ordering parts from the manufacture and he just don't know that! Do you know of a website or the manufacture or where I can find on internet an assembly manual? Please respond if you know anything about a V bike assembly f 212cc.

  2. Okay I got it figure out after looking at it and watching a UTB video now I'm scared the motor is huge the bike frame Schwinn I half to pitch the motor to get it to fit with a 1/16" inch clearance just pushing the bike at 3 miles an hour I notice it wants to do the death wobble. Haven't assembled it all together I talk to custom bikes they had a 212 cc and the lady on the phone was scared to death about it said it does a wheelie at any speed its hard to steer and it does a death wobble which frieghtens me, so I'm thinking maybe a Harbor Frieght swap for a 79 cc much smaller or buy a scooter shell without the engine put it in, anyone know of a scooter moped site that would let an empty go cheap?