Help: 4 stroke Cruiser stock brakes build

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    I'm in Virginia. As some of you may know, these bikes are not "legal" to drive on roads until titled as a moped at which point I can legally drive up to 35 MPH while following general traffic laws. This is fine but it might be a head ache. If anyone has gone this route in Va or another state, let me know how it has worked out.

    It seems that people go to a lot of effort to do the jack shaft. Not sure if this is right but I don't want to go to the trouble. What do you all think? Is it possible to add v brakes later to the bruiser?

    The idea of my build
    Fito Modena GT2 7 Speed Disc Brakes (If I can use the disc brakes w/o bike gears but still Jack shaft later)
    Firmstrong Bruiser w/ coaster brakes and single speed.

    Bikeberry 49cc Flying Horse 5g
    ebay kit

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    I am also willing to get the micargo cruisers from Bikeberry. I did notice the 4 stroke engine they carry says not compatible with pedals. What or where should I buy these pedals? I have noticed people adding v brake to the fatal love
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    if you need to title, do you need insurance too? the insurance part might be harder than title.
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    Not required in va. The law passed in 2014 seems to be in place to prevent those with a dui. Its a two step process. First title an untitled vehicle and after register it as moped
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    Well that is darn good that you don't need insurance. If you are going with the HuaSheng, which most do for a 49cc 4-stroke, then the real difference is in the transmission. I have seen 4 readily available transmission types:

    - Chain Transmission (1:3 gear reduction; I have this but needs a chain guide inside the transmission box as chain stretches)
    - Double Chain Transmission with Free Wheel
    - 7G Belt Transmission
    - 4G Belt Transmission

    Belts are generally better than chain because eventually you will have chain stretch and need a new chain or a fix. With a belt, you just go ahead and easily replace the belt. The belts are also less noisy and the transmission housing is beefier. I got the single chain transmission due to the price but it works fine for me after I put in the chain guide in the transmission, but with the guide you can really hear the chain and sometimes it "hiccups" due to the slack chain. The one thing I like about BikeBerry's transmission is that there is a freewheel inside so it doesn't rotate when you are not using the engine. I am not sure if the belt transmissions have that too. And, then you can always go rear wheel friction setup.

    I am sure others can comment on the transmission they feel is best for the money.

    Yeah, you can always add the jackshaft/shifter later after trying out the direct drive rear sprocket.
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    Wow this is great info. I do like the sound of the belt drive but the point you made about berry's freewheel sounds appealing as well. Looks like i have more to investigate.

    Oh, What is the difference between 7,5, or 4g?
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