HELP ! 4 stroke info needed.

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Simon_A, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Hi everyone, I need some advice. I am thinking about getting a 4 stroker to run on a bike.

    The info I need is about the gearbox (gru bee). How do these mount to the engines?

    Are the mounting points common with these small 4 strokes?

    I ask as I can get hold of a Mitsubishi GT240 engine for a good price, the Honda engines are over $500 here, and I can pick up the said Mitsi for half that.

    Its the motor off one of these

    A OHV 2.4Hp 4 stroke.

    But its pointless buying one if the gearboxes wont mount up.

    Many, many thanks in advance.

  2. wanger

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    how many rpm does motor do someting 2 consider
    try lawnmower shop in bramalodge frost road? they quoted me $485 approx and maybe cheeper gxh50 witout oil tip sensor
    zbox has them have a look under order form full kit $450 4 stroke
    or try mbb-imports ebay shop they have bits and pieces
  3. Local stuff

    wanger is spot on.

    I have just got my Honda GXH50 from Reynella Mowers for $499.00

    Not the cheapest in Adelaide but cheapest in my area down South.

    I may have saved $ shopping elseware but due to the cost of petrol lately :mad: this was the cheapest.

    Monday I got my gru bee kit from MBB-Imports ($295 delivered) and at this stage it looks like it is going to fit well.

    This is the easiest way to mount a 4 stroke that I know and I now know it fits.

    From my research I don't think the GT240 will fit this kit.

    Check this site out for details

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  4. iron_monkey

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    I dont think there is nor have I heard of a mounting standard. IMO the mounting points are highly unlikely to be the same.

    If the output and rear sprockets didnt need to be aligned, such motors wouldnt need gearboxes (with a big rear sprocket); they run at 3600rpm afaik.

    One can mount the motors off centre to align the sprockets (which eliminates the need for a gearbox), but the bike probably wouldn't be able to be pedaled.
  5. Irish John

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    Simon, that motor won't fit the Grubee gearbox. Are you talking about a frame-mounted engine? If so you can buy the HuaSheng (Honda copy) for much less than a Honda GXH 50.
    This is a good engine and well made etc and fits the Grubee gearbox. The Honda is cheap if you buy it at Small Engine Warehouse in the US - $210. Don't know where you live but they can ship it to Australia for less than Honda costs here. The freight cost from Small eng warehouse are marked up quite a bit above the real cost but I save about $100 per engine. I've started buying local Hondas though cos I want to support local business where possible.