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    Hello everybody,

    I'm a college student in northern Michigan and I live off-campus. I know this forum is really just for introductions, but I thought I would just ask the question I signed up to ask here.

    I can't afford a car (curse Michigan's outrageous auto insurance) so normally I catch rides with my roommates to the store and what not. I would really like to be able to go places when I want to go. I bike here and there, but the main grocery stores are a good 4-5 miles away with lots of hills. unfortunately I can't find a scooter at a decent price around here. I have been looking at motorizing my bike for awhile and the friction kits look intriguing. The thing that's stopping me is that I don't have access to a lot of tools and such. Can some of these kits be assembled with basic tools like wrenches and hand drills or would I need more expensive tools like a grinder or drill press? Also, is it possible to have a quality build for under 400?

    The bike I own:

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    Welcome to MBc, I am glad that you did tell about yourself! You did it right. Alot of people just walk in and start asking questions with out a "Hello, I am".

    There are many kits that require few tools. If you are going rack mount friction, I believe most are bolt and go. But the best thing to do is to settle on a kit, and ask specifically about it before buying. Any answer you recieve now would be useless and just guesses.
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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Basic hands tools will suffice for many kit assemblies that bolt right up.

    You might want to start a thread in the appropriate forum for a specific 2/4 stroke engine and mount you're thinking of with that bike and go from there. I know the Avalon bike and the rear suspension does create some issues with mounting.
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    Welcome to the forum. China girl motors will fit an Avalon. The carburator/air cleaner does not. The seat tube interferes with them.
    They sell offset intake manifolds on ebay that allow the carburator to mount off centerline, so there is no interference with the seat tube.
    You can also make your intake manifold flexible, using an automotive heater hose, allowing you to mount the carb off center.
    Good luck