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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dwsutton, Aug 4, 2008.

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    I like having a speedo however Ive used two of the cheapo Schwinn copies from Ebay ( cable drive, large round face) and both have failed after a short time. It seems they can't hold up to the higher speeds and Im pretty sure very far off from 20mph and up. Any suggestions to what would be better ? Schwinn does make a digital speedo - do those types work well ? What is the best ? Thanks !!!


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    I DID just have a problem with it not registering speed, but it appears to have been that the magnet (on the spokes) was too far from the pickup sensor. I tested it last night with a magnet tool by running it across the pickup sensor repeatedly and it did register a speed. So I adjusted the two pieces to be closer together (almost touching) and during my brief test it appeared to work again. I'll test it more tonight after I get home from my daughter's soccer practice. (even if it's dark, thanks to my kick-butt headlight! The photos I posted of the light on at night did NOT do it REALLY works well!)

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    For what you've spent you could buy the Whizzer chrome unit. Accurate, retro look, 12v lighting. I ain't going back.
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    If you're referring to me, I wouldn't like that "chrome, retro" look with my bike. The 12v lighting would be a nice feature, but the rest of it doesn't fit my needs at all. I like having average speed, total miles, trip distance, max speed, etc...and I spent about $20 on my setup. If you're talking to someone else, carry on! Hehehe.

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    Just a reply to dwsutton.
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    I use a cheap Bell brand cycle "computer" $16, and it works well after I put a resistor plug wire on it, with the stock wire it would keep resetting itself. I haven't had a problem with it since.
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    The Whizzer speedo is $10.00 ? Please let me know where to order one.
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    Ten dollars, including shipping, thats pretty good, ugh cept they don't work anymore. Good instrument will set you back 1/2 a C note but the issue will be gone.