Carby HELP!!! Cant Adjust Carb!!

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    Hi All...
    Ok..I just bought a Grubee GT5 (2011) with what I can FIGURE is a V2 CNS Carb. Now here's the problem...
    The adverts all say "100-150 mpg"...ok...I bought this and put it all together (as per instructions) but I get about 25 miles per tank full :ack2: The motor sounds like it's running "labored" (with an occassional burst of power) Smokes like an S.O.B. I have looked everywhere for adjustment of this carb to lean it out...even took the needle out (there ARE NO adjustments for the E ring)...and dont know what to do. I have read that the CNS carb is **** and to use the NT. Also...I am using the "instructions" recommended oil/fuel mix at 18 to 1..I replaced the plug with a new NGK...and it is black and oily...could this be the problem?
    Can someone PLEASE help me work this out? I ride this bike to work but if this is the mileage Im going to get from this goose, I might as well go back to driving my car. HELP?
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    Is it fully broken in? The break-in oil mix will make it smoke, and it will naturally be sluggish during break-in due to poor compression from bad piston ring sealing
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    I agree, either the speed or the ole reliable NT carburetor. Not much difference in performance (as told by a member testing it). But I cant verify. I run all NT's. Sold my CNS.
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    id say youre jets dropped... or flooding... no eclip notches? wat the?
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    Carb Prob's continued...

    Thanks for the info guys...much appreciated. I cannot find a good NT Carb...anyone got a lead on where to get one? As I said I ride this bike 18.2 miles to work (one way)'s a blast to ride and I get a better attitude than when I "drive" it's important that I get this deal starightened out.

    This "turd" on here now, in answer to the e-clip notches...NO air/fuel adjustment...only idle...I'm really concerned over melting the jug because I'm only using 3.2 oz of oil per gal...but it DOES run a bit better....but at what cost?
    So there it is....
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    As much as I despise these folks, here is the best price I've seen for a speed carburetor..

    Here is a NT carburetor.
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