Help centering GEBE ring.

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by rgm1960, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. rgm1960

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    I cannot seem to be able to get my GEBE ring centered. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. professor

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    You can use a pencil compass to compare the points to the rim, but it seems to me the setup would self- center. I wonder if your spoke count is correct?
  3. The ring should pretty much self center, as the professor said. If it is moving around after it is snapped onto the spokes, I would suspect the spokes are too small or the holes in the ring are too big. If the ring is used, that could explain things. When GEBE sells their HD wheel they snap the ring on for you, they also superglue it to the spokes centered perfectly. Good luck and keep us informed.
  4. rgm1960

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    Thanks for the replies. The wheel is a steel Worksman, 11 gauge spokes, Shimano coaster hub. The ring matches up to the spokes no problem. It is off-center by about 1/8 inch which is causing the tension arm to jump about 1 inch. I have tried using a rubber mallet to tap the ring but it just offsets the opposite side. The bike runs but I am worried that this is too much play. Oh, and sorry for posting in the wrong forum.
  5. Hmmm. Tough one. Try indexing the wheel spokes with a marker to the exact point the ring should be in to center it. Now find a way to prevent the ring from going past that point, wire tightly wrapped around the spokes, duct tape/painter's tape, etc wrapped around the spokes, popsicle stickes cut to length and taped to the spokes from the rim in, anyway to stop the ring in the proper position. Then gently tap the ring into position and superglue the ring to the spokes. I agree, the tensioner shouldn't move but a smidge. Don't get frustrated and give up. You will find a way.
  6. I'll bet the nice people at GEBE get this question all the time. Wait till business hours tomorrow and give them a call. They will know.
  7. katoomer

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    One thing I noticed if your belt is not in perfect alignment, it will "climb the side of the ring groove and cause that deflection of the tensioner arm. It will climb and then fall back into the grove making a belt slapping noise. It was hard for me to diagnose because my bike is a tandemm and I cant watch the belt while riding. I found it only done that under heavy doses of power. It did not slap when I held the rear of the bike up and checked it out. I found out the engine leans over just a tad when under heavy acceleration. That was just enough to cause the belt to climb the side. So I adjusted the motor over a bit to compesate and now it works great. I kept my drop out axle so I have slotted adjustments for the engine supports.