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    Hi everyone, My name is Ben. Im 17 and looking to make myself a motorized bike. I have made one in the past, a 49cc kit from gasbike. I rushed putting it together, eager to be on the road. Well, lets just say the bike was a crapshot. The chain was running rough, chutch was broken either way it was adjusted, spokes bent, etc. I ended up scrapping the whole bike because i was so mad lol.. but now i wanna be back on the road. I'm gonna take my time on this build.


    I am stuck between many kits and options. I have a background with 4 stroke engines. I repair lawnmowers and snowblowers on the side for extra cash. I really enjoyed the predator engines, i had the 99cc one on my mini bike. I really want to make a predator bike, but im unsure if it would be that easy to make. I'm trying to stay with chain driven bikes only. I am aware the engines are only 79cc now, but a 49cc sticker would get me by. Trying to stay away from welding, but I have access to my school welder if needed.

    I have seen alot of success with the HT engines if they're maintained and ran right. I weigh 160 lbs and where i live, has a vast array of hills and flat road.

    Can anyone share their experience with the predator engines on their bikes? What kind of bike is the best option (cruiser, mountain bike, etc)?

    Thanks lots


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  2. crassius

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    I like HT because of higher speed & lower price.
  3. Robot

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    Better save for a car man.....
  4. birdmannn101

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    I have had really good luck with my 79cc HF engine on a Huffy frame. I had to buy a $25 motor mount, $30 centrifugal clutch and a jackshaft to run it with my 49cc engine sticker on it. It will do 40 MPH and I ride it more than I do my motorcycles I rebuilt in my garage. Here is a picture of my Huffy.

  5. PickerBenny

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    I already got that project covered, now on to the next one :)
  6. darwin

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    I like hybrid/comfort type bikes. When you go to buy a bike try out some pawn shops. Get a good Trek or other quality bike for a great price, plus you can negotiate. Lots of choices too.
  7. darwin

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    That motor was made for that frame, or maybe the frame was made for the motor....regarding the bike in the pic above. Nice bike, I like it.
  8. professor

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    The first one I did uses a 79HF, it has been a good motor except for some odd reason, after using it for a couple of years and taking a ride for a while, then shutting it down, it takes a bit to re-start. Always starts again though.

    I opened the main jet a couple thousandths. And made a different exhaust, all these engines are too lean (epa stupidity).

    Bike 2 uses a 212, this one with the same treatment- always runs great, about 9 hp @ 4400 rpm (max power, from a post on Bob's 4 cycle go kart forum).

    Odd thing is both bikes get the same gas mileage- around 120.
    I recommend a bike with at least V brakes.
    You need to be able to stop at vastly increased bicycle speeds.
    I used Moped wheels on bike 2- good move.
  9. professor

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    The little 79cc HF engine I have is pretty vibe free, but the 212 is a total bone shaker, had to isolate it with rubber mounts.
    Mine is an old one and maybe the new ones are better- other guys here have said theirs were smooth.
  10. birdmannn101

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    Professor, Did you ever resolve that problem starting on your 79 engine other than replacing the high idle jets?
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  11. professor

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    No, the bike is sitting beside the fence behind my house, bike two is in the favored spot- the garage.
    Bike 2 has full suspension- big improvement over hard tail.

    I haven't heard of any one else with the hot start issue, I assume it is fuel related because it always starts after several pulls. Doesn't do it all the time either.

    I actually thought of putting the little motor on bike 2 because the vibe issue was really bad on the 212, but I resolved it with isolators from McMaster Carr below and home made mounts up top which capture the top frame.

    I would not let my experience with the 79 stop a purchase.
  12. Robot

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    I'm only into the second build with the easiest and least expensive of components to work with ..