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  1. senorpyz

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    I want to buy a kit from Staton and build a friction drive bicycle. I am on a budget of about $550.
    Three questions:
    1. What is a good bike for around $100?
    2. Would a Robin-Subaru 33.5 cc or Honda GX35 be better?
    3. I weigh around 130-135 pounds but there are quite a few hills where i live. Should i get a 1 1/8" drive roller or a 1 1/2" drive roller?

    Thanks for the help =]

  2. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    On the hills, the 1-1/8 will do more of the work.

    On the flats, the 1.5 inch will have about a third more top end.

    Dave staton likes the RS35 over the Honda GX35, as the RS has a cast iron cylinder sleeve, and is still made in Japan. (The Honda GX25 and 35 are now built in Thailand)

    A good used bike at $100 is going to be better than a new bike at $100. Shop around before you buy though. I saw a used Next cruiser for sale on Craigslist for more than you could buy a new one at Walmart.
  3. senorpyz

    senorpyz New Member

    do you think 1/4 would be good?
  4. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    You can also get a Golden Eagle for a little over 500 bucks.
    really nice belt drive. and with your weight you would FLY !!!!
    They offer nice engines from Japan, R/S, and Tanaka.
    I have a 32cc Tanaka 2 stroke. on a 100 $ walmart schwinn point beach.
    this setup flys like the wind. I weigh 160 lbs..
    Also its very reliable all you have to really do is always look for loose hardware mostly on the bike..
    But between the robin and the Honda well I would buy the robin. but I like the belt drive better than friction..
    Good Luck !!!! Be Safe !!!
    oh yea the GEBE has a hill climb gear also...
  5. senorpyz

    senorpyz New Member

    a belt drive would be really nice but i am working on a low budget and a belt drive would end up being around 600-650 =[ so i think i am going to go with the robin-subaru 35cc with the 1 1/4 inch roller, bike yet to be determined
  6. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    You can't

    Go wrong with the Staton, They are Heavy Duty..
  7. senorpyz

    senorpyz New Member

    i CANT go wrong with staton?
  8. Old Bob

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    The Honda factory in Thailand is a worldclass facility. Approximately 5,000 employees produce 1.5 million motorcycles per year and 2.1 million power products per year. In this day and age of ISO 9000 quality management systems, geographical location is less of a factor in quality.

    The Robin Subaru cylinder is definately NOT cast iron, it is a plain aluminum bore. I was surpised when I put a magnet inside the bore of the EHO35 I had. Someone writing the copy for their specifications made a mistake.
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  9. Mountainman

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    The Robin is well tested and built by a reliable very old company
    something is wrong regarding comment concerning their bore ???
    part of Fuji Manufactoring -- if you get the chance look them up -- very interesting !!!

    have also owned many many Hondas over the last 50 years -- (((all good)))

    ride that THING sideways
  10. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    All the Japaneese engines are good ...
    They have that quality thing down...
    Honda's parts are more available.
    depending on where you live you might have to order R/S parts..
  11. Old Bob

    Old Bob Member

    Yes , the Robin Subaru literature states the EHO 35 and 25 have cast iron cylinder liners, that is incorrect, they are plain aluminum.
    Its not an issue with regard to engine life, just a misleading statement on Fujis part.
    For example read the standard features listed at this link:
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  12. duivendyk

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    The important thing is to know what these hills are like,Friction drive is great on the flats and in dry places,like around Phoenix AZ,but not in hills&rain.The belt drive would do better.In the hills,the engine would have a hard time coming up with the req'd torque on anything more than a 5% grade.To get 200lbs up such a grade takes 1hp at the wheel,at 5000rpm your speed would be about 15 mph with a 1.125 roller,which is not bad,assuming a 90% drive efficiency.As long as it's not raining much at all and the hills are not steeper you should be OK with a friction.Otherwise take the belt drive.Of course the power req's are no different.The friction drive might be somewhat more efficient &hassle free.The RS is a nice engine.
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  13. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    If you decided you want a mini 4 stoke, you're not going to go wrong with either a Robin or Honda engine. Arguing preferences is just that.

    Not a bad idea to set a budget, stick to it and find something that fits.

    Larger spindles mean less torque, more top speed. How fast do you want to go?

    If you decide to go friction, with your weight and a lot of hills, I'd stick to 1.25" spindles and below. I weigh 200 lbs and with a few small hills I use 1" up to 1.25" with the Robin 35. Top speed on the flat around 24 mph.

    As to the Robin having a cast iron cylinder liner all I know is what I've seen taking one apart and that one most certainly did have.
    Rob cy clean.jpg
  14. Old Bob

    Old Bob Member

    That is not an EHO35 in that picture, which is the engine the gentleman is considering for his bike.

    I'm not arguing preferences, I'm just pointing out that if someone is making a decision based on the alleged cast iron cylinder liner, they need to know the facts.The documention error is specific to the EHO35 and 25.
    Knowing the facts up front saves you disappointment later on.
  15. jg767

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    I have a RS 35 and it is excellent regardless of what the bore is made of.
  16. fetor56

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    Surprising if it's true.....i'de like to hear from someone who has also tried the magnet test.

    senorpyz......either the Staton or BikeMotorParts would be great.
    IF parts were readily available i'de get the RS.....the Honda is good but it's also loud & rather rattley.
  17. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    thank you Bob!
    I have read that page and never noticed that.....
    gotta make a phone call today just to make 100% sure.....:grin5:

    A quality chromium plated cylinder is far superior to an iron lined one

    My BMW K100 RS uses that and they are 200,000 ++++ motors

    I have a Honda GX 31 and a Robin Subaru 35
    and it is a personal preference kind of thing although the R/S is cheaper if
    you buy it from Staton.
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  18. Old Bob

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    Here is a picture from a technical review I wrote in 2006 on the EHO35.
    When I write a technical review I purchase an engine for the specific purpose to disassemble and make a thorough examination that includes details such as weights,dimensions,manufacturing methods and material composition of every significant component in the engine.

    As I've said numerous times I'm only sharing this so no one is mislead, and so people know that the fault is with Robins documention, not Staton or any one else.
    Documention erros aside this engine is well built and will last a long time with proper maintenence.


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