help! engine leaking gas out intake

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Oct 3, 2009.

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    its a 33cc motor, and there is gas pouring out the intake and it wont run, it did run fine for the longest time and now after i rode it in the rain this is happening,

    if i pull the carb off completly and leave just the manifold atached and pull it over it runs full rev for about 4 seconds, then i put the carb on and it starts good but sprays smoke, alot of smoke, so i go for a ride and its slugish and boggy, i run WOT for about a minute then it begins to bog, i let of the gas and it stalls, there is gas pouring out the intake, and it wont start, so i push it home,

    its not my fuel mixture, and its not the air filter(ive tried it without the filter in the garage,) there is only one mixture screw on the carb, its at the bottom, i assume its the high speed, there is no other screw exept idle, im positive,

    i have the screw at 2 turns out(i tuned it a while ago and thats where it ran best) but just to be sure i put the screw in a half a turn leaner and no difference, i even tried the screw in almost all the way and it still floods like crazy, so whats going on? i could really use some help im stumped!

    thanks in advance,