Help: Exhaust pipe wont fit and intake mount too. (pics)



Hello everyone,
I just got my Dax 70cc, I placed the engine on the bike and its a very tight fit, but I can make it work...
Except for two problems:
1) The exhaust pipe wont clear the frame, any ideas how to fix this?
2) The carburetor mount wont clear. But I think this will be an easy fix as I can just saw it off and reweld it so it faces out ward. Where can how much can I get welding material for?

Here are the pictures I took:


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I think you need a different bike :(
the engine is tilted forward so much the front mount will break, even if you fix pipe clearance issues
a good frame fitting will have the mounts parallel to the frame
No way..

No way will that bike work without heavy heavy modifications. Big time mods. First of all, you have rear suspension . Talking heavy mods there. Heavy.. Tip..Forget the bike you have and Go to a thrift store and pic up a good bike for 20 or 30 bucks.. Enjoy the ride...
ok thats what I was hoping not to hear.
But thats that and I'll be looking for a new bike, I also have a ZUM Bike right now, do you think that's ok to use the motor on even though it has skinny tires?
Although I would prefer to use the bike by itself because it's an awesome street bike, its only a last option since I dont really want to spend anymore money on a new bike.

THanks for all your help =D.
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it should fit the ZUM
it will help to change to the fattest tires that will fit, the next would be try a cruiser type spring seat and/or suspension seatpost...these bikes ride faster than normal and you will notice every bump
Not Sure..

I can not tell by the picture if a motor will fit into that ZUM. Looks tight to me , but again, that is only a picture.
Ok i'll try to change the seat and tires. THe only thing that is in the way now is the front motor mount, the studs are only like 1 inches compared to the 3 inches in the back, and I really dont want nor have the material to drill a hole in the frame to use the 2-1 point mount conversion thingy. Where can I get a U clamp that I saw on this board a while ago?
go to a plumbing store used 1 on my fat tube trek zx 6500,bent the pipe with a torch,and my chain has 1 1/4 play i dont know how much travel your suspenion has.had to cut the 4 air box breathers down and the carb sits at a slite angel for clearence for the,s an 18in frame {med size}and i wouldnt try anything smaller.
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