Exhaust HELP! Exhaust repair help needed

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by artmaker, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. artmaker

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    I hoped to go for a ride tonight. Not going to happen. Last time I was getting sputtered upon so before my ride went to check bolts and tighten any loose ones.

    So I go to tweak the exhaust pipe and one of the bolts snapped right off!
    Now for the life of me I can't see how to fix this. It appears that the threaded screw part is actually part of the cooling vent piece? Do I have to replace that? Or is there some trick to this?

    I took a picture. Here.

    Also... I'm SURE I need a new gasket. Someone long ago pointed me to a good site and I ordered one. Never put it in and now of course I can't find it. Who sells gaskets?

    Finally judging from the crud in that photo and in the exhaust pipe, it either needs cleaning or replacing. If just cleaning, how?
    If replacing, hope the same site that sells gaskets has pipes.

    snif. Perfect day for a ride, but I guess it's better this happened in my driveway than far from home.

  2. cloud_2901

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    I took out my exhaust studs to replace them with some better steel, and they do come out, try using an EZ-out I guess, or if there's any of the bolt thread still protruding you could try clamping it with some vice grips and twisting it out.

    OK looked at the picture now and you just need some vice grips.

    Lock them onto the thread and twist it out like you're unscrewing it.

    Gaskets, I ordered a metal-lined exhaust gasket from rocksolidengines, but they're in Australia, which worked for me, but wouldn't be so good for you. Sickbikeparts, Piratecycles or ebay would have gaskets however.

    Cleaning exhaust pipe, I chucked mine in a tank of solvent, if you don't have one of them lying around just buy some cans of spray degreaser, or if you really want to clean it get some of the high strength BP degreaser and soak it in a tub of that for a day or two then get out the air compressor.
  3. motorpsycho

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    yeah it looks like you have enough thread sticking out to get that stud out with a pair of vise grips. just unscrew it normally.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Make sure the gasket shape matches the exhaust port shape, that's why there is so much gunk there, it's the gasses hitting up against a round gasket on a oval shaped port. And it was loose is seems.
    I use longer studs, protruding so it's effectively a "heat sink", that seems to limit the warp on the exhaust pipe flange, so it don't bend under heat.
    Further eliminates probable leakage, cos the heat goes out the the extended studs. It's a kwik-fix, but it works.
  5. artmaker

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    Thanks all, I did some more research after I posted and figured out those posts just unscrew. The broken one came out nicely.

    Took that to the hardware store and bought one big long screw. It's the same diameter exactly, just too long. But I do have a dremel with a metal cutter. Hoping I can get a nice clean cut. I got both locking and normal nuts. (can't hurt.)

    I also picked up a tube of some gunk at the auto parts store. They said it would do as a gasket. Short term I know. I really do need to find a metal gasket.
    But even with a metal gasket, yes that thing was loose. It spitted HOT oil on my leg all the time. Once my husband cranked down on those bolts and it stopped for awhile. But I didn't know there is a torque limit on cranking. Not to do that!
    Anyway, once I get the right kind of gasket I'll put that goop/glue stuff around the seam.

    Any thoughts on that idea?


    OH JOY!!!! I put this on hold and tried one of those sites. Sickbikeparts!!! THAT was the one I ordered this exact same part from before. (then promptly misplaced it.)
    They were great! Fast delivery, reasonable prices. Wasn't sure that was the place but it seemed to have my email and password so sure enough.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Got it ordered. Maybe I'll hold off on the goop fix until the right part arrives.
  6. motorpsycho

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    go to sickbikeparts, they sell aluminum exhaust gaskets. the aluminum is soft and it will bend and form itself to the unsmooth contour of the exhaust port. (sorry i typed that before reading that you already went to sbp for a gasket).

    Put a LITTLE bit of exhaust gasket sealer on the aluminum gasket and it will be good for a long time. I have these gaskets on both of my engines and i have not had an exhaust leak yet (2 years on one, 3 years on the other)
  7. artmaker

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    Sounds good. Going to try and cut this four inch bolt this morning. before it gets hot!
  8. ddesens

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    Did you get it cut ok?
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    Replace ALL your studs.
  10. artmaker

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    No, haven't cut yet. Tried catching sickbikeparts to see if perhaps they sold studs. but no. And the part is already shipped. So everything is just sitting. I'll do it all at one time.

    replace ALL studs? Probably will have to eventually. (**** motor leaks. I can't figure out where but every time I park the bike there is a small puddle under it.)
    If I could figure out exactly what is leaking I'd fix it. Not a big enough leak I guess.

    Anyway, "don't fix what isn't broken." As things go I'll fix them.