Help finding a new 66cc block?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by etienne810, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. etienne810

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    :shout:The muffler mounting bolt hole broke on my block so I need to get a new block. Does anybody know where to get the block and head with the slant spark plug hole? If not where to get a quality block?:stupid2:

  2. Hawaii_Ed

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  3. spad4me

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    Can you re tap and re install another bolt?
  4. etienne810

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    new engine

    :idea:Thanks for the link and Im lookin at geeting the slant head but I coulndn't find any piston and rings for sale. The 80cc is the same as the 66cc correct. I might as well put a new piston and rings with the new block. Does the head and block come in black. As for the other thread, I did retap and the hole busted so theres nothing left to tap. I ride a bit to rough.
  5. GearNut

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    Not to be rude towards you, but the block is also called the crankcase. The flywheels are inside it.
    The cylinder is the thing that sits on top of the block with the cooling fins all arount it. The piston is inside it.
  6. etienne810

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    The crankcase has the crank assembly, the block has the piston, and atop the block is the head.
  7. etienne810

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    Block and cylinder are the same thing.
  8. Hawaii_Ed

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    Many ways of looking at it :) I normally use block for a car engine, on a motorcycle or MB, I call the bottom end the crankcase. Most people call the cylinder on a MB the jug.

    Is it "cola", "soda" or "pop" gearnut? :D Many ways to say things, but I knew what he meant. ;)

    80cc is really a 66cc, you are fine there. I am sure zoom will sell a piston and rings if needed, just send an email. I have a spare jug and rings, but my piston has a hole it :) If you want my used stuff just LMK, will send just for shipping cost.

  9. Hawaii_Ed

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    And on another point, I cracked the intake mount on a motorcycle cylinder years ago. I fixed it with JB weld and rode it for years. If the muffler mount is not too bad, just fill it with JB weld and slap it in there!