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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by laugh, May 9, 2013.

  1. laugh

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    Hello all. Im here on a mission for a good friend of mine who has just expressed an interest in an electric kit for his bike. I'm a gas bike guy myself but I figured I would post something here. I'm looking for a used kit that would fit a stranded 26 in wheel mountain bike with full suspension. he would like to spend no more then 50 on it but i know that's fairly unreasonable. If anyone has any leads, Ideas, or god willing an extra kit siting in there garage that there not using let me know and I will set things up from there. Thank you all for your help and any ideas that you can give me.

  2. darwin

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    Just an SLA batt for a cheap Ezip bike costs $120. I think your expectations are a lil high.......good luck, prayers get answered and miricles do happen.
  3. laugh

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    I understand what you mean, and I agree with you that it is unlikely but I did tell him I would ask, and now I have. If anyone has anything for me or any likely leads or even unlikely ones, let me know.